Ruud first worked with us about 14 yrs. ago shortly after we built a house for his parents. He has worked on and off with us ever since. His carpentry skills and creativity are unequalled.

Some who still lend a hand when needed

Waitkus Construction Co.

Jeff and Mark 1991


Celebrating more than 35 years of building finely crafted homes

'Excellence in Craftsmanship'

Mark's first experiences with carpentry date back to when he was just 7 yrs. old, in his grandfather's garage, crafting a jewelry box for his mom with scrap wood left over from his grandpa's carpentry business. Mark now owns Waitkus Constructiom Co. and has been a carpenter for more than 37 yrs. He can be found most days enjoying the comraderie and activity of the job site or making wood chips in his custom woodshop. He enjoys anything outdoors and country music.

Meet our Crew

Kenny has been working with Waitkus Construction for more than 25 yrs. Along with being an old friend, his vast carpentry skills have made him a valuble member of our team. We kid with Kenny a lot for providing the job site entertainment. He's always at work with a smile and works hard to get done whatever job needs doing.

Crew members over the years

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Dana has been working carpentry and construction for close to 35 yrs. He is a licensed builder and master carpenter, and in particular a master stair builder .............literally creating a fine piece of furniture that you can walk on. His attention to detail and ferocious work ethic are unmatched. Dana and Mark have worked together for close to 30 yrs. and have completed hundreds of successful projects.

Mark Waitkus





Kenny and Mark 2006

Jeff, Dana, Mark 1995